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1954 Fender Black Stratocaster, "Belonged to Jimmy Bryant"

Strat54Blk-sm2.jpg (136723 bytes)

1955 Fender Red Sparkle Stratocaster

1964 Fender Charcoal Frost Stratocaster with matching headstock!


1966 Gibson Pelhum Blue EB0 Bass

Gibson Flying V Jimi Hendrix 25th Anniversary


1983 Gibson 58 Reissue Candy Apple Red Flying V

Charvel EVH #17 Las Vegas, Nevada played 8-7-04

Charvel EVH #43 Atlantic City, NJ played 9-3-04

Charvel EVH #54 San Antonio, Texas played 9-28-04, USED IN THE ADS!!!

Charvel EVH #63 Las Vegas, Nevada played 10-01-05

Charvel EVH #70 Fort Wayne, Indiana played 11-11-04

1984 Kramer EVH "Eddie Played on the Hot For Teacher Video"

evh-hft-sm.jpg (36496 bytes)

Karl Sandoval Polka Dot Flying V Serial # 1

Kramer KISS Axe Guitar, very RARE, only about 30 built!

1969 Gibson SG Standard Heel repair

1968 Fender Paisley Telecaster Very nice condition, still has good color! 

1988 Fender 12 String Stratocaster Olympic White

1981 Gibson Flying V in RARE Bahama Blue or sometimes called Maui Blue

1954 Fender Super Tweed 2x10 Amp 

1960 Fender Champ Tweed, 100% original SUPER CLEAN! 

1973 Orange OR120 Amp Head, with NEW BOX, Old box also included

1981 Gibson Flying V Cherry Red, NEAR MINT CONDITION!

1969 Marshall RED Super Bass Head & 2 1970 Cabs 

1969 Marshall Major 200 watt Amp Head, Just like Richie Blackmore!

59 Gibson TV Yellow Les Paul Special 

1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1962 Fender Jaguar Lake Placid Blue


1966 Gibson ES-345 Cherry Red

2005 Jackson 9 of 25 built, 25th Anniversary LTD Randy Rhoads


1957 Gibson ES-175 Original Finish all newer hardware and reissue PAF pickups

1968 Gibson ES-125TD Sunburst

1961 Fender Stratocaster See Through Blonde Hardtail - 1 original owner 100%

1969 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst


1981 Gibson Flying V White, signed by the Scorpions, NEAR MINT CONDITION! 

1981 Gibson Flying V, Silverburst 

1963 Silvertone Amp and Guitar in Case


1976 Marshall JMP 50 watt, 4 input Amp Head

70s Marshall Checkerboard Slant Cabinet 1960a, with original 25 watt Celestions!

1984 Charvel San Dimas Serial # 3280 Holdsworth Red

IMG_8181.JPG (403757 bytes)

1963 Fender Duosonic RARE Sparkle Finish!

1966 Fender Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue

1972 Fender Stratocaster Left Handed Olympic White

IMG_7635.JPG (455566 bytes)

1973 Fender Stratocaster Olympic White, Maple neck, extremely clean condition!

1955 Chevrolet 210 Post Hot Rod Flames Car "Custom Built by NEAL!!!"

Click on photo of car to see additional photos

Will also trade for a late model SUV, Chevy, GMC, Ford Etc

1988 Jackson USA Soloist J4480 Yellow/Blk Bangle Guitar

PA020087.JPG (323763 bytes)

Jackson PCS Randy Rhoads V Korina USA Electric Guitar

PA020101.JPG (380946 bytes)

BC Rich USA Eagle Natural Maple

1 034.jpg (480864 bytes)

Early 70's BC Rich B-20 Acoustic, hand made by Bernie Rico SR!


1997 Jackson USA Doubleneck King V Electric Guitar

PA020113.JPG (477691 bytes)


1990 Gibson Flying V Custom Shop Trans Green Guitar

1991 Gibson SG Standard Guitar RARE CANDY APPLE RED!

Gibson SG 1993 Korina Limited Edition 045 of 500 Guitar

 Gibson 58 Reissue Korina Flying V, belonged to Robin Crosby of RATT!!


Dean USA Korina V Guitar Previously owned by Robbin Crosby of RATT

DeanV4.jpg (1522329 bytes)  

1973 Fender Telecaster Custom Black 7.8 LBS

1959 Fender Musicmaster RARE Sparkle Finish!

1979 KISS 4x12 cabinet from the Dynasty Tour, used by Ace Frehley!

Dean USA Korina Soltero #76

Dean USA Korina Soltero #80

Dean USA Korina Soltero #81


Jackson Randy Rhoads USA LTD 1 of 25 built


Gibson Korina Les Paul 59 reissue

Gibson Korina Les Paul


1952 Gibson Les Paul - Owned and played by Tito Jackson at the Jackson Family Awards!

1952 Gibson Les Paul - Owned and played by Tito Jackson at the Jackson Family Awards!

Tito Jackson played this 1952 Gibson Les Paul at the 1994 Jackson Family Honors where Michael Jackson presented the Family Honors Award to Elizabeth Taylor! This guitar was signed by, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Randy Jackson and also MICHAEL JACKSON! Michael signed the pickguard. The signatures were all done in red ink and have faded over the years. I will include the photo that was taken not too long after it was first signed were you can see all of the signatures clearly. Also included are photos taken recently under a black light, so you can see that the signatures still exist. Also included are the tickets to the 1994 Jackson Family honors as well as the laminated backstage pass, and the invitation! The cool blue lense glasses that Tito wore on stage that night are also included. 

How RARE is this guitar along with all of the collectibles and documents???? 

Watch the video of Tito Jackson playing the guitar on 1994 Jackson Family Awards below!





Charvel EVH #17 Las Vegas, Nevada played 8-7-04

Charvel EVH #43 Atlantic City, NJ played 9-3-04

Charvel EVH #63 Las Vegas, Nevada played 10-01-05

Charvel EVH #230 Anaheim, CA played 12-18-07 -  

Charvel EVH 230 Art Series 

1989 BC Rich Bich 10 String USA Burled Maple

89 BC Rich Bich Burled Maple

LOT #13 Dean ML hand painted by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue

DSC_8169.JPG (49855 bytes)

LOT #65 Dean ML hand painted by Leslie West of Mountain

DSC_8141.JPG (467737 bytes)

LOT #62 Dean ML hand painted by Paul Raven of Ministry & Killing Joke

DSC_8178.JPG (378919 bytes)

LOT #56 Dean ML hand painted by Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne

DSC_8166.JPG (141558 bytes)

Dean USA Korina Soltero #82 - Weighs 8.32 Lbs

Dean USA Korina Soltero #83 Weighs 8.29 Lbs

NEW Dean War Dime ML Camo

ml_camo333.jpg (994400 bytes)

NEW Dean Lost 100 ML TBZ  

ml_100_67.jpg (1014215 bytes)


  ml_distressed.jpg (1161086 bytes)

Dean USA Soltero #1

NEW Dean USA Razorback Trans Amber Brst Flame Top Guitar

rzrbck_tab.jpg (872699 bytes)