Sam Halen - Sammy Hagar & Van Halen Tribute Band


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The best of both worlds: a tribute to the music of Sammy Hagar & Van Halen!

  Nationwide televised appearance: Feb. 24Th, 2016 on AXS-TV!

  Over 38.5 million Van Halen albums sold during the Sammy Hagar years           

  Every Van Halen studio album with Sammy hit #1 on the Billboard charts

  There's more hits than you have fingers!

  Van Halen w/Hagar scored 15 Top 20 hits and 9 Top 40 hits

  In Fall 2015, AXS TV presents 'Sammy Hagar's Rock N' Roll Road Trip'.

In June 2015, Hagar had Sam Halen lead vocalist 'Little Sammy', who he

referred to as his "stunt double", appear with him in 2 cable TV promos.

"Seeing Sam Halen was as good as the real thing. High Energy, great vocals. The one tribute band you don't have to close your eyes to enjoy. Sam Halen not only replicates the sound flawlessly, it replicates the Hagar/Montrose/Van Hagar look and feel to perfection. I've seen the real deal multiple times...and this is as close to the real Red Rocker experience as you can get without pissing off Eddie Van Halen."- Larry Mac, PD/KLPX (Tucson, AZ)


"Sam Halen put on an authentic Sammy Hagar/Van Halen experience. They looked, performed and
sounded great and really connected with the crowd!" - John Felix, GM/Livewire (Scottsdale,  AZ)

"Amazing! Sam Halen had the crowd on their feet and singing along to all the classics. This is a must see Van Halen/Sammy Hagar tribute band." - Eric Cheroske, CEO/Got You Covered Entertainment (Phoenix, AZ)


Sam Halen delivers a barrage of Van Halen HITS (1986-1996) with Sammy Hagar as vocalist along with material from Hagar's solo career pre/post Van Halen and his pre-solo days as vocalist for Montrose. Fans delight to the hit packed show with hits such as "Finish What Ya Started", "Poundcake", "Why Can't This Be Love", "I Can't Drive 55", "Top Of The World", "Mas Tequila", "Runaround", "Rock Candy" and many more. Relive the experience of a Van Halen concert with Sammy at the mic and hits into Hagar's career.

It is being described by many Van Halen faithful in attendence as being "just like a concert".


Some tributes have a handful of hits (or less) as that's all their catalog allows or too many of the same bands already flooding the circuit and oversaturating the market. Sam Halen delivers a high energy, performance unlike many you're likely to see. Sam Halen's marketability and the era represented are literally untapped in the tribute market. Fanbases of Van Halen and Sammy Hagar are in the MILLIONS. Hagar keeps his fanbase satisfied with his solo career entertaining a loyal following along with the brand of Cabo Wabo tequila, multiple Cabo Wabo cantina U.S. & Mexico locations and Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill locations ensure the legacy and continued interest in Sammy Hagar.


Having been a fan of Sammy's for over 35 years, Sam Halen's lead vocalist is commited to a live representation that pleases Hagar's and Van Halen's fanbase with visual appeal and physical stage agility of the iconinc vocalist as well as singing songs fans know and love that most singers are simply not able to. There are few tributes to the Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen or of Sammy's solo career.



Having a large catalog of hit singles to choose from which still receive regular rotation on classic rock radio today, Sam Halen gives the audience a full on musical and visual rock n' roll concert experience. Van Halen established a new era playing 550 concerts w/Sammy Hagar from 1986 2004. Millions of fans embraced the Hagar fronted Van Halen's radio hits. Every studio, live & compilation album w/Hagar is multi-platinum.


Hagar was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of Van Halen in March, 2007.


Sammy Hagar lent his voice to "The Simpsons" TV series in 2014. It was the 2nd time featuring Hagar.

Van Halen's 5150 album was a featured question on long running television game show 'Jeopardy'.