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AC/DC Tribute Bio

An amazing tribute band" - Richard Blade - Radio, TV, and Film Personality

Bonfire has performed several times on the Universal City Walk outside concert stage with Richard Blade as the announcer and MC.

"Bonfire is as close as you can get to early AC/DC" - Jerry Greenberg - President of Atlantic Records 1974

Jerry Greenberg worked with AC/DC during his years with Atlantic Records. Jerry signed such talent as Foreigner, ABBA, Genesis, and many others. Bonfire's relationship with Mr. Jerry Greenberg began when he saw a performance, became a fan, and became involved with booking and promoting.

"Did you guys see Bonfire !?!" - Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters, Nirvana

Bonfire opened for Foo Fighters at Paladinos in Los Angeles. Dave Grohl made a point to mention Bonfire with much excitement between songs.

Bonfire are not only the best AC/DC tribute band out there, they are my favorite tribute band, period! They will rock you till it hurts! - Jane Wiedlin - Guitarist for the Go Go's

Jane has attended many live performances and remains a fan and friend of the band.

"Bonfire is the best I've ever seen" - Anthony Bozza - Best selling author of "Why AC/DC Matters"

Anthony has seen Bonfire live and included his interviews with the band in his latest book about AC/DC.