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Women who Rock

 A tribute to women who rock, covering hit songs of 
 iconic female artists from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today!

Artists  include Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Heart, Joan Jett, Alanis 
 Morrisette, 4 Non Blondes, Garbage, No Doubt, Lita Ford, The Motels, 
 Republica, Blondie, Missing Persons, Grace Potter, Elle King,   Cranberries, Pretenders, Pat Benatar, and so much more including   original music written by Gigi, our Lead Vocalist. 
 As they take you through each decade, Gigi uses subtle customer       changes to  give you not just the sound but the look and feel of

 each decade.

 Evolution has been described as “high energy and have an             extensive song list. They got almost everyone dancing.” “The guitars     were incredibly accurate in portraying the style, sound, riffs, intros,     solos, and everything needed to drive the songs all the way from the   first not to the last. The drummer laid down a solid rock beat, adding     many of his own uniques touches along the way, but never losing     the groove” Regarding the vocals, “Gigi had the hot look and worked   it, moving, dancing, and drilling the hardness and courseness of

 rock ‘n’ roll into every note she sang.”

“They were the solid sound of experience and an example of the right  way to play in a tribute band.”

Band members include the talented Gilberto Luna on Lead Guitar; the multi talented Andy Qunta on keys, guitar, and vocals; the rockin’ Robert Lopez on bass and vocals; the bangin’ brazin’ drummer Rick Adams; and the sexy, raspy, captivating Gigi on Lead Vocals!