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Los Angeles based Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd, with their dedication and passion to honor and preserve the timeless brilliance of Lynyrd Skynyrd, has set out to stimulate your every sense and take you on a journey back in time, putting you right into the thick of how it was originally. From the very first thunderous opening guitar note, throughout every song, leading right up to the climatic anthem ending of Freebird

You will be transported.

Every sweet, saturated guitar riff; every honky tonk and graceful piano melody; every soulful and commanding lead vocal with sweet backing vocals, it’s all here - driven by the precision of a stellar drummer and bass player. These ladyz make history come alive by staying true to the music, the sound and excitement that was created from the classic 70’s era Lynyrd Skynyrd, wrap it all up in a one-of-a-kind female
Southern Rock package, and serve it back to their audiences with this all Female Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience

So moved by a past performance of these former members of what was once Lynette Skynyrd, and recognizing their love and respect for the music of his former fishing buddy,lifelong friend, Ronnie Vanzant; author and crash survivor, Gene Odom, commissioned these ladies to perform at the “Freebird Festival” in Jacksonville, FL, where it all began, for the 40th Year Anniversary of the 1977 fateful plane crash. In attendance that evening was another crash survivor, legendary Honkette Leslie Hawkins. Leslie was so inspired by what she witnessed emanating from their performance, that she jumped up onstage and sang with them on two songs;That Smell and Sweet Home Alabama
Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd is sure to get the crowd on their feet and singing along to every hit song, with a guaranteed good ol’ fun, foot-stompin’, Southern rockin’