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ZZ Tush is a full on tribute to that Li’l Old Band From Texas, ZZ Top. They got the beards, custom guitars, drum kit, stage set, amps, wardrobe, the moves and the hits. 


Playing all of ZZ Top’s greatest: LA GRANGE, TUSH, CHEAP SUNGLASSES, SHARP DRESSED MAN, LEGS and more .They go back to the beginning with hits like BROWN SUGAR, to current songs like I GOTSTA GET PAID and their cover of SIXTEEN TONS. Even throwing in Billy’s nod to his buddy Jimi Hendrix.


LIVE and LOUD,  ZZ Tush delivers the ZZ Top concert experience. If you haven’t heard your

favorite yet, don’t worry it’s coming.  


ZZ Tush has performed to SOLD OUT crowds: Casinos, Fairs, Theaters, Bike Rallies, Corporate Events. 


ZZ Tush delivers from the darkened stage set lit up with the chrome exhaust mic stands. The stage lights up on the opening downbeat as the boys strut in for Got Me Under Pressure, and they work it all night to the La Grange/Tush finale. ZZ Tush will have you leaving singing ‘A How How How How’ all night…..LIVE AND LOUD.

Have Mercy!


Endorsements: GHS Strings


Some past performances:


Sand Regency Casino Summer Concert Series,  Nugget Casino Southern Fare, Baldini’s Casino Triple Tribute,  Hardrock Casino S. Lake Tahoe, Montbleu Casino Showroom S. Lake Tahoe,  Feather Falls Casino, Win River Casino, Antelope Valley Fair, Colfax Theater, Cascade Theater, Street Vibrations.


 “These guys nail it. They got the look, the moves right down to the tailpipe mic stands”

Matt “Toast” Young Frank Beard of ZZ Top’s drum tech LIVE FROM TEXAS