44_Everlong Foo Fighters Tribute NS 400.

Booking: Neal Shelton

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Everlong The Tribute are four professional musicians and Foo Fighter fans committed to faithfully reproducing the sound and on-stage energy of the Foo Fighters. They aren’t look-alikes or wig wearing wannabees pretending to be the Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters are not into computers, digital sampling, looping, sound effects or any modern techno gimmickry. Everlong the Tribute shares that same philosophy, pure unadulterated play your ass off give it all you got rock and roll.

Everlong The Tribute started out as a conversation between two neighbors, Paul Calder (guitar and lead vocals) and Bill Orr (bass and backing vocals) who literally live across the street from each other. Paul and Bill have been playing together off and on for years. “Hey wouldn’t it be cool to have a Foo Fighter tribute band?” Time passes. Paul meets Timothy Pyle (guitar and backing vocals) on a gig where they were both hired guns for a touring band for a new country artist – of all things. No tour, the country project dies, but Paul and Tim forged a lasting musical friendship during the project. Paul says as they leave the dead country carcass, “Hey one of these days I’m going to form a Foo Fighter tribute band you interested?” A couple years down the road Paul, Bill and Tim get together to begin rehearsals for the Foo tribute project. The search for a drummer began. Not just any drummer but a drummer that plays like Taylor and Dave all rolled into one. That should be easy…NOT! They find someone to fill the slot. Just before the first gig he quits. What to do? Well, on to Craigslist - yep, Craigslist. Enter recent Berklee grad Cole Bingham (drums). Three songs into the audition, “man, this guy can play.” The band is now all together and has fine tuned the “Foo“ sound in order to deliver an unparalleled performance of everything Foo - no gimmicks, pure unadulterated play your ass off give it all you got rock and roll.

When you can’t afford Dave……..Everlong The Tribute.