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Booking: Neal Shelton

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THE SPRINGSTEEN EXPERIENCE will take you back in time to 1975, just after the release of Bruce's breakthrough album, Born to Run. The theatrically romantic lyrics of songs like "Jungleland" and " Thunder Road " could reach into your soul and make you believe that all of your hopes and dreams could come true on that one hot summer night. It was easy to just leave reality behind and get lost in the eloquence of that poetic imagery and the poignant voice of the piano. The evocative musical backdrop was completed by the rock 'n' roll rhythms and arrangements of the E street band in songs like the dynamic "Lost in the Flood", the heart-felt "New York City Serenade" and the perennial concert favorite, "Rosalita".

In those days, a Bruce Springsteen show was a near-religious ritual, a marathon affair that left both audience and performers exhausted and elated. The same powerful, exuberant spirit that Bruce exuded then, is alive and well in this fellow Freehold native son, Josh Tanner - he’s keeping that fire burning.

See for yourself how this Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame legend began.
THE SPRINGSTEEN EXPERIENCE tribute to the Boss, showcasing the early years of his career, is an experience you won't want to miss. Close your eyes and you will swear you hear Bruce; open them and you will believe you see the youthful Springsteen performing at a time when he was dubbed “rock’n’roll’s future”. There is only one Bruce Springsteen; but even die-hard fans will be convinced that they've seen another.


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