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NSE-Back for More-Tribute to RATT

NSE-Back for More-Tribute to RATT

NSE-Back for More-Tribute to RATT
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NSE-Back For More RATT Tribute short promo video

NSE-Back For More RATT Tribute short promo video

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NSE-Ratt Tribute Band - Back For More

NSE-Ratt Tribute Band - Back For More

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Booking: Neal Shelton

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RATT Tribute Bio

Back for More (BFM) is a Los Angeles / Orange County based Ratt tribute band that is dedicated to providing every nuance possible in order to replicate the sound and performance of Ratt throughout their career in the 1980's.
BFM uses replica equipment and performance techniques that faithfully reproduce the visual aspect of Ratt in their heyday. Leaning heavily on album arrangements and MTV video
representations, with a few characteristic live embellishments, it is easy for fans to identify with the performance since all the memorable aspects are reproduced.
BFM covers every "single" and MTV video Ratt produced through the 80's and can also bring out "deep cut" favorites that can keep even the most die hard fan satisfied. There is a very definite
strategy employed in song selection for different show needs. From single set 45 minute shows packed with all the hits to multi-set shows or two hour long (or longer) sets that have the hits
placed in key positions to create a dynamic flow (often replicating Ratt's live sequence).
BFM's line up is comprised of a number of tribute veterans:
Troy VanRooy - as Stephen Pearcy. Troy is also the frontman for the "Pick your Poison" Poison tribute.
Eddie Ayala - as Warren DeMartini. Eddie is also the bassist in the "Back for the Attack" Dokken tribute and has also subbed on bass for Motley Crue'd and Pick your Poison.
Scott Owen - as Robbin Crosby. Scott has also played guitar in the "Nightmare" Alice Cooper tribute.
Patrick O'Brien - as Juan Croucier. Patrick has also played bass in the Scorpions tributes: Hurrikane and Lovedrive.
Tony Savasta - as Bobby Blotzer. Tony has played drums in the past with "True to Crue" "Rokken" and an early version of "Nightsnake". He is also currently drumming for the "Back for the
Attack" Dokken tribute.

With all this tribute experience, professionalism is guaranteed in regards to all aspects of setting up a show, i.e. punctuality, professional grade equipment and respect for parameters that vary from venue to venue.
In conclusion, BFM is mainly concerned with creating a positive experience for fans of the genre...we don't think "we" are the rock stars...we just portray them! We are fans as well.

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