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NSE-LYVYN SKYNYRD The Early Years of Lynryd Skynyrd

NSE-LYVYN SKYNYRD The Early Years of Lynryd Skynyrd

NSE-LYVYN SKYNYRD The Early Years of Lynryd Skynyrd
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NSE-LYVYN SKYNYRD-The Early Years of Lynyrd Skynyrd Promo 2023

NSE-LYVYN SKYNYRD-The Early Years of Lynyrd Skynyrd Promo 2023

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They are the quintessential Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band.  Based out of Southern California, this group of consummate musicians and soulful rockers embody the talent and energy of the original band, who sadly lost 3 members of the band much too soon, and at the height of their popularity. One of the most infamous and unnecessary plane crashes in United States history.  

Authenticity of the music is at the core of every performance and each musician truly personifies an original member or members. They celebrate the entire catalogue including the hits such as “Saturday Night Special”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Tuesday's gone,” “Simple Man”, “The needle and the spoon”, “Whiskey rock a roller” and of course their most well known songs a true anthem, and one of rock history’s top 5 songs of all time, “Freebird”. In addition to the more commercial songs, each show includes a few of the deeper cuts such as “Swamp music”, “Poison Whiskey”, and more on a rotated basis from show to show. No two shows are exactly the same. 

Lead singer Michael Westbrook channels the power that he felt when he first saw Ronnie Van Zant performing on video. His voice is strong like Ronnie’s was, and in some of the songs you can hear a likeness and the raw emotion that Ronnie sang each one of the songs with. Dave Tuckman plays the part of guitar player Gary Rossington which includes the great tone and all the songs with the trademark slide guitar on Freebird.

Rick Dekker has the unique challenge of playing the parts of Ed King and Steve Gaines with that great Fender “Strat” sound, as well as many of the main Allen Collins parts which he plays on a Gibson Explorer.  Rick and Dave expertly intertwine impressive guitar licks, dual solos and many of the harmonies that Lynyrd Skynyrd made famous.     

Bass player Eric Bierke plays the parts of Leon Wilkeson and drummer Blair Banning plays the parts of Artimus Pyle. Both musicians provide a strong rhythmic backbone that enhances the experience. Without the soul and rhythm of Leon and Artimus, the Lynyrd Skynyrd sound would not have been anything close to what it turned out to be. Nick Maddocks does the incredible and very difficult parts of Billy Powell. Using the unique sound of a Fender Rhodes piano, and an organ sound,


Nick matches all the different sounds Billy was able to do in all of the different styles of songs. 
Susan Davis adds the great female backing vocals and plays the part of Cassie Gaines. Without that female voice many of the songs, especially Sweet Home Alabama, would just not sound the same. 

If you are looking for a genuine Lynyrd Skynyrd concert experience, look no further than a night with Lyvyn Skynyrd. Get ready for a time machine back to bell bottomed jeans, tie-dyed shirts and many other distinctive things that defined a time in history, a time when Lynyrd Skynyrd ruled the airwaves of rock and roll music. 

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