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Nickelband Nickelback Tribute Bio

Nickelband is The Ultimate Nickelback Tribute. This band was formed on request by a booking agency representing a radio station in the country of Trinidad and Tobago for a Halloween concert in 2009 at Pier One. Neal Shelton, Nickelband Guitar Player has been playing in and managing tribute bands over the past 20 years including Aeromyth Aerosmith Tribute in Pyromania Def Leppard Tribute. The Trinidad Radio Station convinced Neal to put together a top-notch Nickelback tribute and that he did! The lead singer for the Nickelback tribute is an amazing Chad Kroger look-alike and sound alike! James Schultz is the Drummer and the glue that holds them together. James has many album credits and is currently touring with the band Sunflower Dead opening for bands such as Hell Yeah, Head PE, Powerman 5000 and others. Brian Klemm recently joined as 2nd guitar player and is well known guitarist playing in Suburban Legends since 1999. He also plays with the well known band, Reel Big Fish and has toured world wide. You will get the top Nickelback hits from top notch pro touring musicians! See you at the show!